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There are several models used to access CHROs as alternatives to hiring a full-time head of HR or Human Capital. These include:

  • CHRO Advisory Services – Where a company enters into a consulting agreement for high-level strategy work.
  • Interim CHRO – Where a company hires an acting CHRO while they look for a replacement
  • Part-Time or Fractional CHRO – A CHRO contracts with the company and assists for a set number of hours per month or days per week

Fractional CHRO Services

A fractional CHRO, as the name suggests looks after a fraction of responsibilities and focuses on specific areas of requirements. Their responsibility is usually shared with other in-house resources. Small to medium sized businesses that are seeking to add employee policies, processes and systems can use a fractional CHRO to ensure timely deployment and effective troubleshooting of issues.

Companies that reach an inflection point in their growth usually do so for one of the following reasons:

  • Increasing number of transactions, such as more customers, more employees, more vendors n increasing complexity in the business that requires more experienced leadership and better
  • Planning to develop policies and procedures
  • An inexperienced HR manager or staff member who may simply need a mentor

A Fractional CHRO first and foremost, needs to understand the workings of your company. They have to be in harmony with the company’s vision, mission, objectives, and long-term goals for there to be a productive business relationship. With employee needs, strategic objectives and operational performance metrics constantly changing, a fractional CHRO needs a steady hand, sound experience while balancing an eye on the future.

Pure Talent Services have been providing Fractional CHRO services to its clients .