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About the NGO

It is a New Delhi based non-profit Economic Policy think tank. It started its journey more than 6 decades ago in 1956 as an independent, non-profit, economic policy research institute. Since then, it has played an indispensable role in Economic Policy with its rich data, evidence, economic analysis, and unique forums of discussion in the transformation of India from a stagnant economy in the 1950s into one of the world’s leading economies in the 2020s.


It is passing through many challenges in operations beside the challenges at Human Resources side in areas of Manpower utilization, organization structure imbalance, multicity of responsibilities, high overhead costs, no clear policies etc. There were external consultants to address the Financial and Operational issues but Human Capital issues were not getting properly addressed.

What we offered

We offered CHRO services, their HR team partnered with us to address some specific issues in the area of Hiring Key Talents, Talent Retention, Onboarding, Engagement, Remuneration etc.